The BIGGEST Car show in THE WORLD … and we just happened to be working in Detroit that same weekend … are we LUCKY, or what? LIFE is GOOD right now, and we are lovin’ it!



Driving thru downtown shooting pictures of the many old church buildings and derelict historical buildings,  I wondering how so much history could be ignored by the billion-dollar automobile industries and local residents still living here. It seemed every block had a church of one denomination or the other – many were abandoned.

Didn’t even know what IT was … until a hotel clerk asks if we are in town for the cruise in ….”No, what IS it?”  Folks come from all over the world to cruise in and show off their vehicles.

After doing research on the net and figuring out we COULD take the big truck along, we drove over to downtown Detroit on Saturday, August 20th, 2011. This FREE event is a huge turn out.  Locals set up in front of businesses with their coolers and folding chairs to people watch and gawk. Car clubs set up Bar-B-Ques for their members and everyone has a wonderful day outside.  The weather was fabulous until late in the day.


In less than 10 minutes we got to the start of the event and cars started appearing.  When we passed right by a 1969 Chevelle SS,  Terry found a spot to park the truck and we walked back a couple blocks to take close-up pictures.  One of the owners told us – this is NOTHING, we need to drive up to 8-mile road which is where the REAL fun starts.  Ride north until 15-mile road and then make a U-Turn and come back.  It’ll take a few hours, but it will be worth it.

THAT was an understatement !

We followed their advice heading north on Woodward. It wasn’t long before cool cars were displayed on every block, and I couldn’t take pictures fast enough. 2 lanes grew to 3, 3 to 4 with people young, old and in between sitting in front of amazing shiny cars of all colors and makes.  Some of the cruising cars had whole families, some were a few seniors, but ALL of us were having a blast oohing over the cool vehicles in the parade.  A local car show will never be the same for us, now that we have experienced the World Famous Woodward Dream Cruise.

The only negative I can say about Detroit is …. THE ROADS HERE SUCK … potholes and frost heaves are every 10 feet; shredded truck tires litter the road sides and the drivers have no respect for big trucks. They play chicken with them and are blind to turn signals. Our truck has air bags and air seats – but the roads around Detroit have given us sore back muscles.  It’s amazing that for a town that revolves around manufacturing and selling vehicles to the world, the roads are in such poor shape.  You’d think they would make the roads a higher priority.

Last week we took time to take the Ford Rouge factory tour where Ford F-150 pick-up trucks are made. Next weekend we’ll spend some time walking around the Henry Ford museum.  Hopefully on our next visit to Detroit we can schedule a day to visit Greenfield Village.  We’ve enjoyed Motor City USA.

If you are a car buff, we suggest you put the annual Woodward Dream Cruise In on YOUR bucket list.  Here’s a link to my 275+ pictures of today’s Cruise In … enjoy.