Our friends invited us to join them to see

Terry Fator, the amazing ventriloquist who won the million dollar prize on America’s Got Talent a few years back. Terry Fator even called my Terry up on stage to do a Dolly Parton imitation – it was absolutely hysterical!  

Terry Fator was laughing so hard he could hardly sing the songs!

As one of the highest paid talents EVER at The Mirage Hotel & Casino we were thrilled at the opportunity.  Thank you Randy & Jacqui for treating us – we had a blast!

On the way to Vegas, we stopped for a quick visitor’s tour of the new Hoover Dam bridge on US 93 which recently was completed & opened to the public.   Our previous trips to Vegas as truckers required us to use US 95. We hadn’t been in Vegas since 2006 when my son got married.

With the new bridge memorial, parking garage and visitors center the whole area looks completely different. Be prepared to pay $7 for parking, go thru a security scan before entering the visitor center and pay yet another fee to enter the visitors’ center and take the dam tour.  I was disappointed that we were unable to see the dam as we were driving across the new bridge due to the high concrete railings.  Maybe from a taller motor home or big truck, we could have seen the dam, but in the economy car we were driving – our view was totally blocked – very disappointing.

On to The Mirage Casino almost at the end of the LV Strip.   Arriving at valet parking the first thing we saw were girls strutting around in bathing suits and high-heels on the arms of 21-year old males dressed to the nines themselves.  The result of “business cards” handed out by the thousands every night – these hawkers even tried to hand Terry one in my presence – queue cojones!

The lobby and our room at The Mirage were gorgeous –  zen-like    modern décor with 2 VERY comfortable beds and black out curtains.  Got to be able to sleep in after a late night show!

A pot of coffee from room service is $14 but there is a Starbucks downstairs.  Our room refrigerator was filled with every munchy you could think of, but even picking it up places a charge to your room – so there was NO room for our healthy items brought from home.

There were Chihuly glass sculptures in the lobby,  lots of lush tropical foliage, waterfalls and many dining, gambling & drinking choices.

If an RVer wanted to stay right on the strip in their own RV, there is a KOA behind Circus Circus.  We took a taxi from The Mirage to Circus Circus for only $10 to enjoy the buffet. 

We also enjoyed Treasure Islands Pirates show – sitting behind glass windows in an open patio enjoying cocktails.  TI provides a Tran ride back to The Mirage.

Randy & Jacqui encouraged us to take a side trip before leaving Las Vegas, so we drove out through Red Rock Canyon to Bonnie Springs Ranch just a few miles west of Vegas.  The ranch is home to lots of birds, peacocks, a petting zoo and a family restaurant where we had a HUGE country fried steak.  I even visited for a short time with owner, Miss Bonnie. What a charmer! She really enjoyed telling me how she took in Wayne Newton’s goats who had decided that living inside his home using the cat litter box was not the goats’ cup of tea!

The Old Nevada mining town replica offers nice photo opps in front of weathered buildings, but THE RED ROCKS were really spectacular.  Big red rock cliffs such as seen in Sedona are the backdrop for Miss Bonnies’ farm and a pack of wild burros that freely graze the valley.

Apparently Red Rock Canyon is a popular bicycle touring area as we saw critters and people enjoying a Sunday afternoon outing – just like us.  [twitter-follow screen_name=’rvingft’]